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Austria Complete Set, best file of streets

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This item is a file in CSV, SQL or excel format, which contains the list of all streets in Austria. It is a downloadable file containing the list of 12704 localities, 62065 streets, about 2685 postal codes in Austria and is available after payment.

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Post codes : 2685
Localities : 12704
Streets : 62065+


ISO 3166

Last Update: 2020-06-02

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Austria Complete Set

This item holds a downloadable list of all the streets in Austria. It is a single file which holds a list of all the geographic information of Austria, including it’s countries, cities, streets, localities, post codes, and many more informatio. In this list, 12704 localities, 62065+ streets and over 2685 post codes are made available for use in simple to read texts. The list is in a tabular form for easy comprehension , and is available in several formats which mainly include : CSV, SQL or excel format, along with other available formats.

The list can be yours after a one time purchase has been made through Online payment , via Debit/Credit card, Bitcoin or PayPal and even bank transfer. Once payment has been made, the file will be immediately delivered to your Email.